Storage Containers

The best of both worlds – storage on your property, or at a nearby storage partner’s site.

Pack only one time – cut your work in half with no unloading and repacking
We can deliver and pick up your Conexbox2go portable storage unit
Get into your container any time you choose – 4 sizes to fit your needs
Affordable to own, lease or rent – it’s your choice!

Plan to store business or personal items long term? This is the solution for you! Own, lease or rent your own storage container and save money with a convenient and affordable Conexbox2go container.

The container can be at either your residence or business, or at one of our storage partner’s sites near you. Either way, you have access your storage anytime you need it to take away or add your belongings.

Reduce your storage costs! If you own your container, once you’ve paid off the initial cost, your storage costs are reduced significantly since there’s no storage fees if it’s at your location, or you pay a modest fee if it’s located at a nearby storage facility.

photo 1Conexbox2go Container storage is the smart way to store your memories, your important business records, tools and excess inventory, or a great solution for getting the attic, garage or basement cleared out and usable again. Also great for storing hay!

Our convenient door to door service is just a text, email or phone call away.

Every aspect of our process from getting a quote to delivering your storage container is designed to make your life easier.

  • 4 sizes to fit your needsphoto 21
  • Own, lease or rent
  • Salient Features2
    • Secure, wind and water tight
    • Delivery and pick up locally, across country or around the world
    • Access anytime you want or need it
    • Store personal or business items, or even hay for your horses